I4AMF Conference 2020: Digital Skills for Industry 4.0 – Reimagining Work in Advanced Manufacturing

Stream: Testlabs, Future of Work & Skills

Digitalisation has become more important than ever before.

We need a level of flexibility and speed that hasn’t been required to date. New business models in Industry 4.0 have emerged at an accelerated rate – and along with that, the need for a skills transition has become much more accentuated.

The capabilities and skills required in an Industry 4.0 world, while critical for manufacturing of the future, are just as relevant to broader process industries, infrastructure and services – not just factories. A digitally skilled workforce was foreseen in the Industry 4.0 roadmap – but the pandemic has accelerated the urgency to establish these skills at scale.

What does the future hold, and how can we reimagine work in advanced manufacturing by harnessing digital skills?

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