Security of Networked Systems

Manufacturers continue to leverage the opportunities and value that connected and data-driven technologies add to their production systems and the products and services they deliver to market. However, the very technologies that enable and underpin modern production processes also expose manufacturers to new risks and challenges.

Connected equipment and devices are primary sources of data, and due to factors such as legacy systems and an emphasis on functionality over security, they are often designed and integrated without suitable security built-in. Therefore, they become targets for malicious activity.

As Australia’s manufacturing industry transitions to more agile and sophisticated data-driven production systems, it becomes increasingly necessary for manufacturers to take a ‘secure by design’ approach to the development of their products. This means paying close attention to processes, equipment and supply chains, in addition to corporate information management.

The Security of Networked Systems Stream (the Stream) aims to inform the work of the Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum through a focused program of work centred on understanding how to engender a robust security culture in Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Workstream Lead

Led by Jed Horner, General Manager of AustCyber, the Stream is working on planning a path forward for industry engagement and education to support a robust security culture in Australian manufacturing for 2022 and beyond.


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